Raytech Settles in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ushering in a New Future

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. signed a contract to settle in Ningbo in August 2019, and officially opened for business in November, adding new “fuel” to the economic development of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone.

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Raytech) is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and services based on “new energy and new materials”. Headquartered in Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, Raytech is specialized in “photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing and system integration” and “smart home panel materials”, and it is equipped with independent technology R&D team, national key laboratory and intelligent manufacturing full-automatic production line. Its production scale, product types and product standards all take the lead in the industry.


Raytech’s manufacturing capacity of photovoltaic power generation equipment is 1.2GW, producing single-sided and two-sided power generation equipment with the brand of Raysolar. Its manufacturing capacity of intelligent panel materials is 1 million square meters, flexibly supporting diverse functions such as spatial separation, intelligent control and dimming and temperature regulations, with the brand of Rayshine.

Situated in the one-hour economic circle of Hangzhou and Shanghai, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone is one of the most potential strongholds in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle of China. With its production bases located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong, which allows north-south connectivity and resource sharing, Raytech enjoys significant regional advantages for procurement and market development in terms of PV business and intelligent panel business.

“We focus on customer value, and give high priority to value creators. Meeting customer needs is the basic function of products. Improving the product experience and facilitating the realization and appreciation of customer value are the goals that we pursue ceaselessly.” said Ms. Niu Haiyan, General Manager of Raytech.

Referring to the future development of Raytech, Ms. Niu said that “in the future, based on R&D and promotion of new energy and new materials, Raytech will strengthen R&D, marketing and industrial chain integration, and promote its extension to the links with high-added value at both ends of the ‘Smiling Curve’, such as R&D, sales and after-sales service, or realize development in the whole industry chain. Moreover, it will expand the new space for its development and the new path for value enhancement, with the aim to inject new vigor into the industry and enhance its competitiveness.”