Winning much attention! Rayshine smart artistic glass debuts at HOF

On August 12, Expo Contract Furniture and Deco for Commercial Properties and Hotels (HOF in short) was officially launched in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). With the idea of displaying cutting-edge space, high-end environmental protection materials and advanced furniture, HOF aims to help hotels and space understand the latest industry trends, build and expand the Hotel + industry ecosystem and create a one-stop purchasing platform for construction and operation of hotel and commercial space.Winning much attention! Rayshine smart artistic glass debuts at HOF

Rayshine, an artistic glass brand under Raytech, made its debut in this exhibition and brought a full range of products (Booth No.: 6.1F33). The booth is designed in the modern entry luxury style, and its main structure adopting marble lines with senior gray as the base, which gives people a calm and peaceful visual feeling. The use of large-area gray together with the transparent wired glass displays the artistic power of strength and beauty and highlights the texture of entry luxury mansions.

One corner of the booth is a simple horizontal stroke-shaped shower room where the designers often linger. Its building material is made of dimming glass which looks transparent when the power is on and atomized when the power is off. With a black metal frame, large area of white glass and a horizontal stroke-shaped handle, it looks clean and comfortable and demonstrates simple yet elegant beauty in modern minimalism.Winning much attention! Rayshine smart artistic glass debuts at HOF

The two rotatable wired glass partitions on the left side of the front desk are the most eye-catching of all. The double-glazed glass with the golden gauze texture in between, matched with a metal frame, forms a translucent glass partition, which not only perfectly separates space, but also blurs the space boundary without blocking the light.Winning much attention! Rayshine smart artistic glass debuts at HOF

The reception area in the center of the booth is separated by a screen, and the laminated ink and wash pattern adds a touch of tranquility to the noisy booth. The separated yet continuous space design provides customers with a comfortable negotiation area, and the screen can also be closed at any time to meet the occasional need for a large space.Winning much attention! Rayshine smart artistic glass debuts at HOF

At 10:00-10:30 on August 12th, Rayshine launched TikTok live streaming at the booth, at which the “exhibits release and investment promotion plan was presented by Ms. Zhang Dan, general director of Rayshine smart artistic glass.

Rebate policy for investment promotion and franchise:

In terms of the rebate policy of different sales quotas, the rebate points can be put down as the next payment for goods;

For sales of 1000 square meters, the payment for samples of show homes will be returned, 5% for 3000 square meters and 10% for 5000 square meters;

With a deposit of 30,000 yuan, one may receive five sets of sample boxes, one set of shower room, and either a screen or a partition;

The full series of wired glass of Rayshine accentuates customizable and green features. The double-glazed toughened glass is wear resistant, scratch-proof, noise-cancelling, fireproof, crashproof, safe and reliable. At present, there is a huge demand for house renovation and decoration. People's yearning for a better life is also reflected in their choice of new building materials and customizable personalization. Combing safety, beauty, intelligence, environmental protection and durability, Rayshine glass has become the first choice for users pursuing elegance and a personal touch. Elegance and innovation reflect not only ones attitude towards life, but also their taste and pursuit for joys of life, which happens to match the craftsmanship pursued by Rayshine glass. Rayshine will continue to uphold the enterprise mission of perfectly integrate modern science and technology with nature, so as to create more possibilities for home furnishing.

Focusing on new energy and new materials, Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and services. Headquartered in Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, Raytech is specialized in photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing and system integration and smart home panel materials. Rayshine is a sub-brand in the smart home segment. The company is equipped with independent technology R&D team, national key laboratory and fully automatic production line in intelligent manufacturing. Its production scale, product types and product standards all take the lead in the industry.

The company's production base is located in Zhejiang, with a production capacity of 1 million square meters. The company combines traditional aesthetics with engineering mechanics to provide customers with green, safe, beautiful and elegant home building materials. The company's main business consists of space partition, shower room, dimming and temperature-regulating glass and other building materials. The company's full range of products enable customers to choose different patterns and brightness based on their needs, thus meeting their personalized customization demand. Its products have obtained the national 3C compulsory certification in the construction industry and ISO9001 international quality system certification.